For a long time I wanted to work on my British RP accent. As a French speaking actress in London, RP is essential and I have struggled for many years with it as it is a totally different way of moving your mouth and tongue. I received this course as a present from my boyfriend. I truly enjoyed it. Sarah does amazing videos and is an expert in her field. She is warm, welcoming and very encouraging, she spots the things you need to work on. I will definitely keep practising at least 5 times a week to keep going. As obviously once the class is finished, you need to keep practising to improve. I am super fan of Sarah Valentine now and I will soon try to Scottish accent course. The only thing I regret is that Sarah is not London based. Would love to meet her in person and have some class with her. Honestly, it is good value for money and you will definitely improve! I am very happy with the result. Thank you Sarah!