The Accent Bank

Release Agreement



By sending us your accent file you hereby grant and assign to Sarah Valentine,, and it’s successors and assignees, exclusive rights, including copyright, to use, license, sell, and otherwise use each and every recording, compilation, or other document that you have recorded, submitted or will submit.

You understand that you will not be the copyright owner thereof and will have no rights thereto. You understand that the recordings and documents may be published and distributed by means of various media, including, but not limited to the Internet.

This/these recordings are made voluntarily and are unremunerated. You understand that Sarah Valentine, may distribute and/or offer for sale copies of any or all accents and dialects that you have recorded or sent.

You understand that once your accent/dialect recording is available and on the internet, Sarah Valentine, cannot warrant or guarantee that these recordings will be under their control.

Therefore, you release Sarah Valentine,, it’s publishers, employees and agents from any and all liability related to the dissemination of the material you have contributed and/or will contribute.